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Real-Time Monitoring, Analysis and Response Ensures Security
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The growth of security-related data is outpacing security teams’ ability to use this data to defend the enterprise.  The number of endpoints and sources that must be monitored and analyzed to gain a complete security picture is expanding rapidly – IoT, microservices,  cloud, user data, applications, partners. While existing SIEM solutions provide good coverage for traditional IT data sources, they struggle to provide the visibility, analysis, and forensics required to cover this rapidly expanding attack surface.

Devo complements existing SIEM solutions, providing expanded coverage of new data sources and endpoints while integrating data from existing SIEM solutions and their sources.

Devo for IT Security

Scale for Full Enterprise Coverage

With more data sources comes more data. Data from machines continues to double ever year, and is growing 50 times faster than traditional data. Scalability, by extension, is a security challenge. Not only do existing SIEM solutions struggle with the variety of new data sources, they also fail in their ability to make the sheer volume of security data operational for security teams.

Devo provides 50 times the performance while requiring 80% fewer resources than traditional Log Management and SIEM solutions. Whether it is collecting hundreds of terabytes of data a day, or analyzing petabytes of data a day in queries, the Devo Data Operations platform is able to meet the diverse data needs of security teams today, with the ability to scale with predictable performance and operational cost.

Real-Time Threat Detection and Forensic Analysis

Security demands the ability to detect attacks and threats in real-time, while also being able to perform back-in-time forensic analysis. Data in the Devo Data Operations Platform is always hot, regardless of age, providing a seamless user experience, whether a security analyst is looking at what is going on right now, or at the historical behavior of a critical set of resources over the last year.

Data in Devo is also stored in its original raw format – no processing or indexing ever changes the format of the data. All data interpretation and processing is performed at query time. This approach eliminates the need to reprocess data every time a data format changes, or when a security analyst wants to see a new data field in their reports.

Visually-Driven Analysis

Visual analysis is the key to quickly understanding security data. Devo includes a visually-driven data interaction model through which non-technical users can search, select, visualize, and analyze their data without writing a single line of code. The powerful, drag-and-drop interface enables users to interactively explore hidden relationships and gain critical insights with no knowledge of specialized query languages.

Advanced Detection & Analytics

Devo alerts and notifies when abnormal behavior, indicative of a security threat, appears. From built-in alerts and attack libraries, to easy-to-build custom alerts and thresholds, it is easy to detect and investigate advanced threats quickly with Devo.

Cloud Native with Flexibility of On-Premises

As companies migrate applications, infrastructure and business services to the cloud, it is critical to have a security solution that can provide coverage for both cloud and on-premises environments. Devo was born in the cloud, making it easy to scale up instantly to meet the growing data and computational load associated with security. The Devo Data Operations Platform can also be deployed in on-prem or hybrid mode, providing enterprises with the flexibility and operating model that works best for them.

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