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The ITOps Contradiction: Fewer Tools, Total Observability

The desire for greater observability often results in an increasingly complex tool stack within IT environments. But research now shows the opposite is true: fewer tools, processing more data, can provide greater observability and insights.

Watch this on-demand webinar — “The IT Ops Contradiction: Fewer Tools, Greater Observability” —featuring Nancy Gohring, 451 Research Analyst, and Dimitri Vlachos, Devo CMO, as they explore the movement to simplify monitoring stacks in complex IT environments. Discussion topics include:

  • Three approaches to simplifying architecture
  • How no-compromise log management reduces the time spent on data management and offers actionable and contextual insight
  • The four steps to ITOps maturity and how to assess your organization
  • How faster data access and contextual insight enables innovation

More data, fewer tools, faster answers

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More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.