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The Path to the Autonomous SOC

Running an efficient SOC is more important than ever, yet many teams struggle with complex cyberthreats, a multitude of alerts, disparate systems, and poor threat visibility and context. Overburdened and under-resourced analysts are bogged down with tedious manual processes. As a result, threat detection and response is compromised – not only in effectiveness and accuracy, but speed as well.

The solution is Devo. The only cloud-native logging and security analytics platform that provides the most scalable and performant log management for full visibility across the organization, accurate threat detections and security content, and automated alert triage, investigation, and response at machine speed, boosting the efficiency of analysts by 10x.

Watch Stephen Morrow, Head of Pre-Sales at Devo, and LogicHub founder Kumar Saurabh in an interactive discussion of how to modernize your SOC approach, improve security, and reduce costs.

They’ll cover how to:

• Detect threats in real time across your organization

• Build and deploy sophisticated playbooks in under 30 minutes

• Reduce false positive alerts by 95%

• Significantly reduce analyst workloads

• Improve MTTR by 10x

The Path to the Autonomous SOC

More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.