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Analyst Report

SANS 2021 Cloud Security Survey

The goal of the SANS 2021 Cloud Security Survey is to provide additional insight into how organizations are using the cloud today, the threats security teams are facing in the cloud, and what they’re doing to improve security posture in the cloud.

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More organizations than ever are moving their data to the cloud

More organizations than ever are moving their data and workloads to the public cloud, building applications in the cloud, and subscribing to a wide range of SaaS and other cloud services.

Read the 2021 report to learn the trends, concepts, experiences, and issues security practitioners and leaders across different industries are seeing in the cloud.

  • What we’re doing in the cloud: Security services rose by more than 10% from 2019, to 55%, with server (workload) virtualization in platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and backups for disaster recovery also being fairly popular.
  • Concern and threats in the cloud: Security professionals identify their biggest concerns in the cloud and if any of those concerns were realized.
  • Cloud security program today: Organizations need to develop and enhance their processes and governance model to evolve as well. As of today, 69% of organizations have cloud security and governance policies in place.

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