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SANS 2020 Survey: Optimize SOC Productivity with Security Automation

The 2020 report highlights trends with how teams are adopting, implementing, and measuring the success of automation.

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Focus automation efforts on projects that improve the SOC staff efficiency

The goal of this year’s extension of the 2019 Automation and Integration Survey was to quantify automation experiences and more concretely understand how organizations are able to maximize their security investment and improve operations through automation efforts.

The survey looked at what automation activities have been successful, why they have been successful, and how organizations set up their automation activities to achieve meaningful results.

  • Increased adoption: Adoption of automation technologies has increased 12% year on year, with signs of further growth
  • Impact on staffing: Overall only a small percentage (5%) of respondents expect automation to reduce security staffing
  • Expectations vs. reality: Gaps in satisfaction and the expected outcomes vary by implementation of automation

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