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Devo Scalability Test

Extreme data loads demand extreme performance. That’s why we ran a series of stress tests on simulated data streams to show how a Devo environment sized for 5TB – 6TB of data ingestion a day would perform when subjected to data rates in the ranges of 20TB, 30TB and 100TB.

Tests evaluated the collection and analysis performance of the Devo platform during three high load stress tests: Data Streams, Query Load, and Devo Setup.

The results? Impressive: a Devo system sized for a moderate data load of 5TB can handle massive spikes and data surges at up to 100TB a day, without losing any data, while providing sub-second access to streaming data. The test results show Devo provides predictable sub-second query latency, as well as the ability to analyze both real-time and historical data sets with a minimal hardware footprint and resource usage.

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