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Devo Customer Spotlight: Flow 101 with AT&T

Unlock the power of Devo Flow in this Devo customer webinar, Flow 101. Part of the Devo Platform, Flow is a visual editor that extends the correlation, alerting, and analytics capabilities of Devo.

In this webinar, we’ll show you the building blocks of Flow, how to get started with the features, and how to leverage it in your environment. Plus, hear from the SOC team at AT&T, some of our most advanced Flow users, on how they leverage Flow. They’ll walk through some of their most common use cases and share tips and best practices along the way.

Watch this webinar to discover: 

  • Introduction to Devo Flow
  • Who can use Flow?
  • Flow benefits and use cases
  • How to get started with Flow today
  • Josh Copeland and Mark Willis – How AT&T leverages Flow + use case walkthrough
  • Q&A

Devo Customer Spotlight: Flow 101 with AT&T

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