Customer Success Story

Global Marketing Communications Company Reduces Hour-Long Tasks to Minutes with The Combined Power of the Devo Platform and Devo SOAR

Devo was able to reduce touchpoints by 75% to combat burnout and augment analysts.

The team was previously using a legacy SIEM but found it could not keep up with the evolving threat landscape.

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Quick Facts


  • Media and Advertising


  • 2000 agencies across 56 countries
  • 5,000 clients across 70 countries
  • Multiple teams working within multiple systems


  • Lack of visibility across teams
  • Manually scripting playbooks
  • Evolving threat landscape


  • Access to a true partnership
  • Ability to ingest all named sources
  • Single pane of glass
  • Ability to automate playbooks
  • Advanced threat intelligence

The Devo brand is about protecting data, and they’ve partnered with us and understand the problem statement they want to solve. Genuinely aligned with the fact that if you really want to solve your problems, partner with Devo.“The threat landscape is ever-changing. Threat actors are now using tools that normally would be approved or acceptable within our environments. We needed a tool that would allow us to detect those types of changes in the environment, and we began looking for a platform that could scale and provide the flexibility to meet our needs.

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