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Solution Sheets

Data Operations (DataOps) Platform Overview

Every aspect of a business generates data – security data, log data, operational data, application data, customer data, IoT and device data. Devo allows you …

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Devo for Telco Operations

Telco and communications service providers (CSPs) are poised for transformation and growth – if they can analyze and act on the vast amount of real-time …

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Security Operations

Reduce your security attack surface with Devo Security Operations. Monitor and analyze the real-time state of your environment while leveraging historical context via forensic analysis, all in a single, integrated platform.

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Log Management

Collect all log data generated by your infrastructure in a single view, search and correlate data from different sources, and gain real-time insight into all your operations with the Devo Data Operations Platform.

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IT Operations

With the Devo Data Operations Platform, IT Operations teams have the data and insight they need to shift from tactical systems work to enabler of strategic business outcomes. Collect, correlate and analyze data across the enterprise, reduce systems and application outages, and gain complete visibility into the entire ecosystem.

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Business Analytics

Devo combines operational data with streaming data to provide a unified view of an organization’s data. Using the Devo Data Operations Platform for business analytics, organizations benefit from operational insights by analyzing, visualizing and acting on data.

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IoT Analytics

Cost-effectively collect, analyze and act on streams of IoT device and event data with the Devo Data Operations Platform.

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Devo for Retail

Access, analyze and act on customer experience data, monitor supply chain, store and warehouse variables, and identify buyer preferences in real time with the Devo Data Operations Platform.

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