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Devo – Demisto Solution Brief

Users can now leverage Demisto’s security orchestration and automation capabilities with Devo’s real-time, context-rich data insights for efficient incident response.

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Devo – Palo Alto Networks Solution Brief

Integration of the Security Operating Platform with Devo enables analysts to unlock the true value of their security data. Security operations teams can now easily collect, store, enrich, analyze, and visualize all security-related data, including Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls, in one place—without overburdening the security budget.

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Devo for Threat Investigation

Investigations that automatically provide the full threat story Fast, accurate investigations are the foundation for effective response. Accelerate and simplify investigations by gaining a context-rich …

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Devo for Threat Detection

Threat detection that increases signal and avoids noise Tired of dashboards flooded with noise? Devo combines an entity-first approach with a variety of alerting methods …

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Devo for Threat Hunting

Hunt across all data—fast and easily Proactively identity threats with a comprehensive threat hunting program using the Devo Hunting Workbench. Identify the right information across …

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Devo for Log Management

Collect all log data generated by your infrastructure in a single view, search and correlate data from different sources, and gain real-time insight into all your operations with the Devo Data Operations Platform.

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Devo for IT Operations

With the Devo Data Operations Platform, IT Operations teams have the data and insight they need to shift from tactical systems work to enabler of strategic business outcomes. Collect, correlate and analyze data across the enterprise, reduce systems and application outages, and gain complete visibility into the entire ecosystem.

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