Devo + Analytica42 Details

Analytica42™ is a Certified Devo Services partner. The Analytica42 team has decades of experience working in Cybersecurity space, specializing in SIEM content development and consulting.

Analytica42 can provide the following services to Devo customers.
• Devo Installation / Configuration
• Data ETL Services
• Use Case Development
• Parsers
• Activeboards
• Rules/Alerting
• Custom Applications
• Data Analytics
• Education Services
• 3rd-Party Integrations
• Devo Threat Hunt Services

What does Analytica42 do?

Analytica42™ partners with its clients to overcome big data challenges. Analytica42 uses top technologies that handle large data volumes at high velocity to integrate a variety of customer data and unlock its full potential for cybersecurity, data analytics, and business insights.

What products/services does Analytica42 offer?

Analytica42 can provide the following services:

  • Compromise Assessments
  • Threat Hunting
  • Threat Hunting On the Job Training
  • Security Tools Content Creation
  • SIEM Use Case Consulting
  • Security Operations Consulting
  • Data Analytics and Integration
  • Application Development
  • Workflow and Automation Development
  • Deployment Services

Need more information?

Get in touch to inquire about Devo and Analytica42 services.