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Telefónica Improves Movistar+ Customer Satisfaction while Reducing Operational Costs with Devo

September 12, 2018

Devo Data Operations Platform Helps Increase Customer Satisfaction, Lower Customer Churn and Operational Costs for Critical Telefónica TV Service

Cambridge, MA, September 12, 2018 – Devo Technology, today announced that Telefónica has implemented the Devo Data Operations Platform to improve the quality of customer experience for Telefónica’s Movistar+ television service offering. By leveraging real-time and historical data from across the company’s service delivery infrastructure, Devo enables Telefónica to identify and correct service delivery problems before they impact the customer, improving customer satisfaction.

“We needed a single, unified view into our data that would enable us to know the real quality of service offered to our customers, anticipate and prevent problems and to manage individual customer calls more efficiently,” said Clara Casas, E2E Service Quality and Operative Improvement Manager, Telefónica. “Devo enables us to review all customer related data at a glance, empowering our help desk staff with the information required to effectively and efficiently support callers. As a result, we have seen a dramatic uptick in customer satisfaction and a reduction in our average customer call times, while reducing customer churn and saving the company money.”

Leveraging Devo’s data correlation, analytics and visualization capabilities, Telefónica can now identify if a reported problem is isolated to a single customer, or is likely to impact other customers. Armed with this knowledge, the company can proactively correct the root cause of the problem, which has led to a reduction of volume in help desk calls. As a result, customer satisfaction has improved, a key differentiator for the Movistar+ service in a highly competitive market. Since many problems are now managed through the help desk service, the number of technician home visits has also been reduced.

“Movistar+ TV is a fast-growing service and superior customer service is central to its success,” said Casas. “The ability to provide real-time analytics and insights at scale is helping Telefónica increase customer satisfaction and retention while driving down operational costs.  Devo offers the unique ability to rapidly collect and analyze data from every part of the business, providing global organizations like Telefónica the ability to harness the power of data for competitive advantage and business success.”

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