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Report: most organizations struggle to extract value from operational data

August 23, 2018

According to a recent research report, 88 percent of business, security and IT professionals can’t access the data needed to do their jobs effectively.

Sponsored by Devo Technology, the report surveyed 400 business, IT and security decision-makers in order to examine what it means to be data-driven in the digital age and the importance of a unified approach to analyzing, storing and sharing operational data and insights. The results demonstrate the difficulties enterprises face when attempting to integrate data into their real-time security, operations and business decision-making.

Organizations depend on operational data to drive improvements in all areas of an enterprise, but the survey reveals that data volumes are affecting productivity. More than two-thirds (68 percent) report their organization has so much data they struggle to make use of it all.

Key report findings include:

Business, IT and security users face obstacles with enterprise-wide data access. While data is everywhere, creating a unified view of this information is challenging; 74 percent report their business is currently using different systems for real-time and historical data storage and analysis, and 95 percent face obstacles when trying to get a single view of data.

Data is evolving and so are the means for acting on it. Seventy-five percent of IT and business professionals agree that searching for data is challenging and time-consuming, indicating the barrier is in the approach to managing the enterprise’s data, not the people seeking access.

Organizations struggle with the negative impacts of data silos. More data is being generated by IT, sensors, devices, business applications, customer clicks, etc., resulting in more data silos; 98 percent of respondents state their organization experiences challenges trying to reduce these silos.

Different data sources provide new perspectives. Ninety-one percent agree that combining historical data and real-time data would be valuable to their organization, providing true and more actionable insights.

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