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Logtrust: Unprecedented Capabilities to Unlock Business Intelligence

December 21, 2016

Big data, the tech breakthrough of the recent past, is now beginning to reap notable out-turns. The unruly digital data that began as ‘information explosion,’ is woven into every industrial sector as the new means of gaining competitive advantage. This torrent of data deluge has surged the need for collection, analysis, crunching, and visualization of raw and fast data imperative to uncover insights in real-time for operational and business intelligence. Concurrently, the mushrooming issues of advanced persistent security threats, insider intrusion, and frauds stand in the way of unlocking unprecedented business insights in real-time. This security challenge caught the attention of Pedro Castillo and his team of security and analytics experts, leading to the inception of Logtrust. “We never wanted to create technology and instead focused on developing a solution that would offer ingesting, querying, storing, alerting, analytics, and visualization of all the data in real-time in an organization,” states Castillo, Founder and CEO, Logtrust.

Logtrust offers a platform that collects data in real-time from various sources like systems, applications, and users spawning an information-rich ecosystem along with managing every aspect of security. Logtrust’s powerful real-time query, correlation, and reporting tools help customers integrate their business applications, monitor system and user activity, and create interactive dashboards and alerts. Their big data technology platform offers real-time operational intelligence that converts machine data into valuable business insights with its flexible cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid model. “If you look at the big data platforms today, there are two types of solutions. Some that store the data like Cassandra, Mongo, Hadoop, and Hortonworks, while others analyze the data in real-time like Spark and Storm. At Logtrust we offer both capabilities,” extols Castillo.

Companies across industries have piles of data which is re-split in multiple solutions. But these companies lack a platform to analyze in real-time, mix, and correlate the formats with the business data and security information. Tending to this need, “Logtrust offers a single view to correlate, analyze data-in-fly, and visualize all the data in different formats in real-time along with identifying the type of data and creating new insights,” adds Castillo.

Logtrust offers a single point of view to correlate, analyze data-in-fly, and visualize all the data in different formats and provide realtime data insights

The firm leverages app servers, networking, firewalls, monitoring, cloud, and web servers as well as IoT sensors to offer a unified solution to manage logs, data, and security and provide real-time insights. The firm’s platform overcomes the security challenges often paired with new technologies with its Security Intelligence which includes a set of alerts and correlation libraries. Once the libraries are activated, customers can collect logs to perform behavioral analytics and detect attacks on system, web servers, and application servers. Moreover, their geo-location system assists in identifying the source of an attack and also detects the root cause and time of the attack with a powerful correlation engine.

From security and system administrators to developers, cloud service, and software vendors, Logtrust assists firms carry out specific functionalities. The company has worked with Telefonica on numerous occasions, one of the leading Spanish telecommunications company. “The client has created more than 10 applications on our platform to understand how people watch content on TV in real-time,” explains Castillo.

With Gartner indicating that more than 75 percent of companies are looking to invest in big data in the next two years, the perennial challenge of understanding the value of data still remains. Along these lines, Logtrust looks forward to infusing artificial intelligence into their platform and new capabilities to analyze and visualize big data.

More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.