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Logtrust is Now Devo

June 6, 2018

Welcome to Devo

From this day forward, Logtrust will officially be known as Devo.

Today is an exciting day for Logtrust. From this day forward, we will officially be known as Devo.

Our founders started Logtrust with the mission of changing the art of what is possible with the growing tide of real-time machine, application, and operational data produced by the modern enterprise. Fast forward a few years and a ton of hard work, and the fruits of that vision, our Data Operations Platform, is an integral part of some of the world’s largest companies. Devo helps customers improve business performance and reduce operational costs in the areas of security, operational analytics, IT operations, customer insight, and business analytics.

But even with all our success and growth, there is a phrase we hear over and over from prospects and customers: “You are so much more than just logs, you really should change your name.” It became clear that our name was limiting. We needed a new name – a name that is easy to remember, easy to spell, and one that captures the broad value we deliver to our customers and partners today – and into the future.

The Origins of Our New Name

Data is fundamentally changing, and so are the requirements for acting on it. The nature of data is shifting from collecting and storing data at rest for periodic analysis, to pervasive, streaming data that is continually flowing from every part of the digital business. To keep pace with rapidly changing market conditions and their customers, businesses must always be sensing and ready to react, using real-time analytics on all their data, to change their operations. In short, Data is Evolving, and businesses must evolve with it.

This is Data Evolved.
This is the origin of the name Devo.

New Name, Same Vision and Focus on Customers

Our name might be changing, but our mission and focus on customer value is not. We will continue to push the limits on what is possible with data, at speed and scale that has simply not been possible in the past.

We will continue to bring together data from across all aspects of our customers’ operations and make it possible for everyone – IT, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Security Analysts – to have the data, insights, and automated intelligence they need to confidently make important data-driven business decisions every day.

Each morning we wake up obsessed with helping our customers squeeze every single drop of value they can from their data. Beginning today, we will wake up and put on a Devo shirt before coming to work.

We are thrilled to announce our new name, to share the story behind the name, and even more excited about the future and what is coming next.

More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.