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Logtrust, 451 Research: Machine Data Analytics in Full Swing, Despite Barriers

April 3, 2017

Research Finds Speed is Top-of-Mind, Future Deployments will be Proprietary and Cloud-based

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 3, 2017– Logtrust™ (, the Real-time Big Data-in-Motion as-a-Service firm for Fast Data, Big Data analytics, has released findings from a survey it conducted with 451 Research on Machine Data Analytics, a topic with the potential to change nearly every aspect of how business is conducted. The research is based on 200 interviews with IT decision-makers for machine data analytics on top benefits, challenges, use cases and future plans. For complete findings, download the report “The Need for Speed: Machine Data Analytics in 2016-17.”

Machine data analytics in full swing for IT operations, security and IoT
A whopping 94% of those surveyed currently employ machine data analytics, and are most frequently using it for IT Operations management (81%) and Security (60%). Other common use cases include Internet of Things (51%), Big Data analytics (51%), Fraud analytics (45%) and IT governance/compliance (34%).

Speed is top of mind, but most companies aren’t as fast as they want to be
“We talk about ‘big’ data but in many situations speed is actually much more important than size,” said Pedro Castillo, CEO, Logtrust.

Just how fast is considered ‘fast’? 69% of respondents want machine real-time (within milliseconds) while 51% want human real-time (five seconds to five minutes latency), a desire validated in the report by Jason Stamper, Data Analyst at 451 Research: “Real-time is absolutely critical for companies to compete effectively.” This, however, illustrates a current market gap, as 53% said their technology wasn’t even capable of human real-time analytics.

Open source is common, but proprietary seen as the path forward
Respondents were split between open source (39%), proprietary (36%) and a mixture of the two. Those choosing open source cited low upfront cost and low ongoing costs, which could be problematic, according to Logtrust: “A big misconception is that you save money with open source, but typically the opposite is true,” said Castillo. “Companies should choose open source only if their objectives specifically require it, and if they’ve got the rather extensive developer resources and expertise that it’ll take to support it.” The majority (67%) however said they would choose proprietary technology when they use machine data analytics in the future.

Eyes are on the cloud for future deployments
43% of the surveyed respondents have their current machine data analytics technology on premises. While for those companies this may indicated a perceived risk associated with the public cloud, almost as many (37%) are running machine data analytics currently in the cloud, and 67% said that they’d opt for the cloud in the future, indicating a premium being placed on flexibility, time to value and elasticity.

Barriers to entry persist
When asked ‘What challenges have you faced?’ respondents cited infrastructure requirements (36%), scaling challenges (33%), staffing requirements (33%), slow analytics (32%), expense (31%) and technical challenges (30%).

Plans to expand machine data analytics to SIEM, IoT and Smart Cities
When asked where they plan to expand machine data analytics, 65% said performing complex queries and correlation for various applications such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) data. IoT also came out strongly, at 55%, as did Prognostic Health (48%), Smart City integration (42%) and Connected Customer Marketing analytics (36%).

Applications move into unstructured territory
(89%) are using machine data analytics to analyze and visualize structured data. 47% are using it to analyze semi-structured data, and 18% even use it on unstructured data such as documents, images and video.

Download “The Need for Speed: Machine Data Analytics in 2016-17” to read the full report.

About Logtrust

Logtrust is a Real-Time Big Data-in-Motion platform offering Fast Data, Big Data analytics through a solution that enables real-time analytics for operations, fraud, security, marketing, IoT and other aspects of business. Recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor 2016, Logtrust is intuitive, interactive, and collaborative, with no coding required, guided widgets, and out-of-the-box advanced interactive contextual dashboards. The platform provides a completely real-time experience, with new events always available for query and visualization, and pre-built queries always updated with the most recent events. The highly customizable solution works non-intrusively with your system, with agentless collectors and forwarders, platform remote APIs to check health, and all capabilities callable via REST APIs. Service is always on with cross-cloud region disaster recovery, and data is always hot and unmodified (to meet data reliability and integrity compliance requirements). Logtrust is located at the epicenter of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, CA, and further serves its global clients through offices in New York and Madrid. Visit for more information.

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