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Disruptive Technology, Monotonous Marketing At Strata+Hadoop World

October 2, 2016

Disruptive Technology, Monotonous Marketing At Strata+Hadoop World

O’Reilly’s New York-based Strata+Hadoop World conference is one of the largest big data conferences in the world today, featuring hundreds of vendors touting innovative solutions – yet most of them select from the same small handful of phrases to assemble their marketing messages.

Big data. Streaming data. Real-time. Analytics. Data lakes. And open source Apache projects Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka.

In spite of this limited vocabulary, disruptive innovations abound – and furthermore, many of them are maturing. One oft-repeated theme at the conference: we’re past the “science project” phase of big data and onto the business value, enterprise-grade phase.

Other common themes across vendors at the show: streaming data is the hot topic, including real-time analytics, fast data, and the Apache Kafka distributed data streaming platform.

Furthermore, big-data pioneer Hadoop is now passé, in spite of the conference name, as the Hadoop team built the platform for batch processing. Today the buzz is around Apache Spark, a web-scale data processing engine well-suited for streaming data.

The final theme: low-code/no-code. Many vendors are delivering surprisingly powerful tools for business users, requiring no coding skills. I’ve written about the white hot emerging low-code/no-code market before, and it’s no surprise that vendors are bringing such capabilities to the big data world…

Logtrust ( offers a time-series data analytics platform that leverages a sophisticated indexing scheme, compression, and data virtualization to deliver blisteringly fast analytics on data streams containing timestamped events.

The disruption: Logtrust can process over 150,000 events per second per core, delivering analytics over massive streams of data in real-time.


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