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CaixaBank Accelerates and Secures Digital Transformation with Devo

August 1, 2018

Expands security visibility beyond IT infrastructure with the Devo Data Operations Platform

Cambridge, MA, August 1, 2018 – Devo Technology, formerly Logtrust, today announced that CaixaBank, a leader in retail banking in Spain, is using the Devo Data Operations Platform to secure its Digital Transformation efforts. By expanding the scope of its data collection and analysis beyond traditional security devices and into business applications and operations, Devo is empowering CaixaBank to rapidly identify and respond to security threats across their entire digital business, reduce risk and confidently launch new services while protecting the business and its customers.

In order to secure its digital transformation, CaixaBank needed to see the full picture of its security landscape, which required the bank to collect and analyze increasing volumes of data from a variety of sources, including in-house applications, business processes, and non-traditional devices. With Devo, CaixaBank is able to ingest, store and perform real-time and historical analysis of its machine data, giving it a comprehensive view of its entire security posture. Armed with this visibility, CaixaBank is able to rapidly launch new business services while quantifying and mitigating associated security and fraud risk.

The Devo Data Operations Platform streamlines data ingestion and analysis for CaixaBank, driving more intelligent and actionable insights that improve both security and customer experience. Devo enables CaixaBank to:

  • Keep up with expanding data volumes from new and existing data source
  • Perform advanced analytics on streaming and historical data directly in Devo
  • Significantly accelerate forensic analysis and incident response
  • Enrich the entire CaixaBank security stack with real-time security analytics
  • Extend and enhance the effectiveness of its SIEM and security operations
  • Maintain a single security data repository in its native format, ready for analysis at any time

“Digital transformation provides a massive opportunity for companies to accelerate business, get closer to their customers, and become more competitive, but it also exposes a new attack surface” said Pedro Castillo, Founder and CTO, Devo. “The data is there ready to be leveraged, but existing security solutions cannot collect and analyze these new data sets, or the volumes of data needed to address this new attack surface. With Devo, CaixaBank now has the data and analytics foundation it needs to empower its security initiatives for digital transformation.”

About Devo
Devo Technology, formerly Logtrust, is the leading Data Operations Platform for the digital enterprise. Devo delivers real-time operational analytics on streaming and historical data to help enterprises drive sustained performance and growth. The Devo Data Operations Platform collects, enhances and analyzes machine, business and operational data from all aspects of the business. Devo provides real-time analytics and insight for IT, security, and business teams at the world’s largest organizations. For more information visit

About CaixaBank
CaixaBank is leader in retail banking in Spain, with a 26.7% share among individual customers who make it their main bank. The bank, headed by chairman Jordi Gual, and led by CEO, Gonzalo Gortázar, has around 16 million customers in Spain and Portugal, with 5,239 branches, the largest commercial network in the Iberian Peninsula.

CaixaBank has been named the best bank in Spain by some of the most prestigious international specialist publications. In fact, the bank was chosen the Best Bank in Spain 2018 by the US magazine Global Finance, while the British publication Euromoney selected CaixaBank as the Best Bank in Spain 2017. Euromoney also honored CaixaBank as the best private banking operator in Spain in 2018 for the fourth consecutive time, and has chosen CaixaBank, for the first time, as Western Europe’s Best Digital Bank.

Considered one of the world’s most sustainable banks, CaixaBank is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and has been included on the CDP A List, which recognizes the leading companies in the fight against climate change.

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