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Automatically generate network security intelligence with new tool

December 19, 2016

Automatically generate network security intelligence with new tool

Logtrust, a real-time big data-in-motion firm for big data analytics, and Panda Security, a cloud-based security solution, announced the availability of the Advanced Reporting Tool (ART), which automatically generates security intelligence that allows organizations to pinpoint attacks and unusual behaviors, and detect internal misuse of systems and networks. ART’s unique capabilities enable calculations, graphical visualization and alerts that allow companies to secure all vulnerable end-points, including those associated with IoT networks and devices.

Security Analytics that Border on Prescience

Panda Adaptive Defense represents a new security model that correlates data from multiple sources, and ART brings the capabilities of machine learning and big data to detect, analyze and prevent threats. By partnering with Logtrust, Panda was able to leverage a cloud-based platform capable of both collecting a wide range of data and rapidly analyzing large volumes of data in machine (sub-second) real-time.

Additionally, Logtrust’s highly visual, customizable and intuitive interface affords the ability to:

– Easily create and configure dashboards with key indicators and adaptive search options

– Set default and custom alerts related to security incidents, risk situations, user access to critical information and application/network resource usage

A penetrating, holistic view of the vulnerability landscape

Because a massive amount of data is collected at endpoints, the solution provides capabilities to search for external and internal threats, diagnose critical vulnerabilities, and report and alert in real-time, so that businesses can immediately prevent or minimize attacks. Additional benefits of ART include the ability to:

– Perform Deep Forensic Analysis.
Go back up to 6 years to correlate data from endpoints, identify the malware and pinpoint every place it has touched, and analyze the application’s vulnerabilities.

– Completely Map All Vulnerabilities. Gain visibility into all machines, applications and elements running on any endpoint to assess vulnerability.

– Monitoring and Policies. Monitor and control use of corporate resources to determine if it is normal and expected, or a matter that needs to be addressed.

“Malware volume has grown exponentially, and the number of potentially vulnerable endpoints within an organization has proliferated, including data streams coming from IoT networks which may compose one of the most serious threats companies face,” said Pedro Castillo, CEO, Logtrust. “The combined capabilities of Panda and Logtrust have allowed us to create a tool that applies real-time big data analytics to these endpoints, and stem attacks before they materialize.”


More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.