MISP Threat Intelligence Best Practices

Find out why—and how—to make MISP a core element of your cybersecurity program.

MISP: The Open-Source Threat Intelligence Platform

In this on-demand webinar, you can hear from the security engineering, Sebastien Tricaud at Devo, and the team member from MISP, Alexandre Dulaunoy and Andras Iklody to learn about:

  • Introduction of MISP, the malware information sharing platform, and why threat information sharing matters
  • Challenges of threat information sharing
  • Devo & MISP use cases and integration instance
  • Example of how to use MISP to prevent cyber attack

Duration: 50 minutes

Watch the on-demand webinar to understand how combining security analytics and threat intelligence will move your security operations forward.

On-Demand Webinar | Watch Now
Watch this webinar featuring the MISP Project and Devo Security Engineering teams.

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Sebastien Tricaud


Alexandre Dulaunoy

The MISP Project

Andras Iklody

The MISP Project