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Collect, Monitor, Correlate, and Analyze Logs and Metrics for Faster Business Decisions
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The Devo Data Operations Platform provides a single solution to collect, store, monitor, and analyze all log and metric data from across the enterprise. The easy-to-use platform enables a broad range of roles to explore and visualize data without the need for coding or specialized query languages. From data scientists who want access to raw data for machine learning to non-technical business users who want the ability to view their business unit’s data in dashboards, Devo supports all stakeholders in the organization with a unified log management platform.

Devo for Log Management


Stay Ahead of Changes in Your Environment

Managing log data in real-time from IT endpoints, network devices, IoT sensors, applications and business units is critical to ensure the availability and performance of your infrastructure, applications, and business. With Devo it is easy to detect changes before they impact the business. Devo alerts and notifies when abnormal behavior indicative of a performance or security issue appears.

Data in Devo is always hot, regardless of age, providing the ability to analyze current behavior against the past. Built-in analytics make it easy to automate even the most complex behavioral analysis.

Meet Increasingly Stringent Compliance Regulations

Compliance begins with having the correct data trail and sufficient history. Only Devo provides the ability to keep all data hot, regardless of age. No need to manage hot, warm, cold, and frozen data sets – simply operate on your data. Whether it is PCI DSS, SOX, or GDPR, Devo addresses the data, reporting, and alerting required for compliance at scale.

Easily Adapt to Changes in Data Formats

One of the biggest struggles with traditional Log Management solutions is managing changes in log data formats that require reprocessing of massive amounts of data. Devo avoids any reprocessing or recollection by storing all data in its raw format, only processing and formatting data at query time. As data formats change, or questions you want to ask change, there is no need to reformat or reprocess data. Simply update the fields to show up in a query, and rerun.

Adding new data sources is simple. Devo supports a number of built-in integrations, and it is easy to define your own for specialized data sources.

Enhance Data for a Complete Picture

With Devo it is easy to combine data sources and create custom views to add context, all at query time. Enrich streaming log data with data from across your business and leverage built-in and third-party feeds for a single, unified view of operational data.

Use Case Specific Applications

Devo makes it easy to build use case-specific log management work flows, analytics, machine learning models, and reports that monitor, correlate, analyze, alert and provide immediate visibility into the performance and behavior of a business’s digital operations including compliance initiatives. In addition to providing the top-down analytic results necessary to make fast decisions, the platform also enables users to run ad-hoc queries on data as it streams into the system. Devo applications also make it easy to accelerate getting value out of the Data Operations Platform.

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