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Journey to the Autonomous SOC

SOC leaders face an almost overwhelming challenge. Their job is to secure complex infrastructures and applications as they shift to the cloud, achieve digital transformation, and manage risk. And they need to do that while struggling to hire and retain talented analysts in a historically tight market.

SOCs need help to handle these simultaneous challenges. The autonomous SOC will deliver that help, with three pillars — data, analytics and community — all enhanced with AI-driven automation.

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Gather data from all your sources

The autonomous SOC will feature a data fabric with the flexibility and scale to adapt to and ingest all data sources and formats. The ability to collect global data while meeting compliance requirements is critical for realizing its full benefits across the largest and most complex organizations.


Gain increased visibility into all threats

The autonomous SOC will leverage automation and AI- and ML-based analytics to empower analysts to accelerate investigations on large-scale, cloud and legacy infrastructures. These next-generation analytics will seamlessly integrate with security and IT tools to improve both mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to response (MTTR).


Expand knowledge with industry-sourced expertise

The autonomous SOC will be interconnected. It will be easy for SOC teams to access and apply the latest security community expertise and content across the entire threat management lifecycle. This collective approach to security will enable SOC teams to provide effective and timely protection against today’s — and tomorrow’s — threats.