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Organizations from fleet management services to providers of cargo shipping, home security systems, utilities, telcos, medical device manufacturers, automotive suppliers and more are developing and deploying products enabled by IoT-connected devices.

Streaming data from Industrial IoT sensors and devices introduces high-velocity device and event data to overloaded data management pipelines. This IoT data needs to be ingested, analyzed, and acted upon in real-time.

IoT Time-Series Analytics

Devo manages time series data for use cases such as anomaly detection and predictive analytics for IoT sensors and applications. Devo analyzes device and event data to reveal missing data points, out-of-bounds values and other outliers before anomalous behavior affects operations. Devo provides time series anomaly detection algorithms which enable sophisticated anomaly detection without the need to develop custom algorithms.

Ingest Streams of IoT Data in Real-Time

Traditional solutions index data on ingestion to make it easier to search and organize. But indexes grow faster than the data itself, limiting the ability to analyze and act on data in real time. IoT is one area where the effects of slow indexes are pronounced.

Devo provides a more efficient approach for collecting and analyzing IoT device and event data. Data is classified on ingestion and stored, compressed, in its raw format. Data is immediately available for queries. Queries can be adapted to what a user wants to know today, without requiring reprocessing of data.

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