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Devo allows you to unlock the full value of machine data and get to insights faster.

Experience the power of Devo on your own data, or get started quickly with our library of pre-built use cases including next-gen firewalls, Windows event logs, and web log data. Try Devo now for 30 days, up to 5GB ingest / day.

“With Devo, we’re now thinking more about more experimentation. Instead of thinking of all the limitations to what you can do with the platform and where you cannot go, it’s now open. What would we want to do? We don’t have that fear that we will hit the wall.”

—Security Analyst, Large Telecom Provider

“Devo offers the unique ability to rapidly collect and analyze data from every part of the business, providing Telefónica the ability to harness the power of data for competitive advantage and business success.”
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Clara Casas, E2E Service Quality and Operative Improvement Manager
“ We were looking for operational and process insights from increasing volumes of data. The Library needed to automate getting those insights. Devo fit a need we had with a way cooler solution. Now we have time to invent software and make progress towards our core mission.”
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Clark Hartsock
Public Library of Science
“If you are looking for a solution to manage big data, real-time, multi-tenant, cloud-native, you need to look at Devo"
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Juan Santamaria
CEO Panda Security
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