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SIEM Master Class Workshop Series

Chicken or the Egg: Building Effective Use Cases for Your SIEM

When: Thursday May 13, 2021 @ 12pm CT

Duration: 45 minutes

Event format: 15-20 attendee workshop, Zoom Webinar

Building use cases can be an overwhelming thought to an already overwhelmed team. By taking the time up front, it saves time and effort down the road. The quality output improves and SOC members are able to spend more time hunting for threats rather than reacting to noise which is often overwhelming.

The Devo methodology to define use cases can be tailored to the individual business objectives and maturity which enables the process not to be budget breaking or overwhelming to customers.

Join this workshop to improve the effectiveness of your SIEM with well-defined use cases that meet business objectives.

Thursday May 13, 2021 @ 12pm CT

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More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.