Considering the ELK Stack? A Build vs. Buy Approach

Read about the considerations of a build vs. buy approach and common challenges of the ELK Stack.

Keeping Pace with Log Management

As enterprises continue to move workloads to cloud service providers, the amount of operational data being produced in those centers has increased exponentially. Yet enterprises haven’t found a way to extract this data, bring it back into their own data center, and use it to gain a more complete understanding of their own IT operations.

Common log management takes one of the following approaches:

  • Custom enterprise-centric solutions, built in-house
  • Purchasing a portfolio of point solutions and products to support one or more systems
  • Adopting open source stacks, such as the ELK stack

The “ELK Open Source Comparison” white paper explores the pros and cons of these approaches, and how Devo takes a fundamentally different approach.

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ELK Open Source Comparison Report

This paper, written by Dan Kusnetzky, dives into common challenges and misconceptions of ELK and informs readers looking to make the build-vs-buy decision.