Evaluating Devo vs. Splunk?

Learn how Devo allows you to overcome the constraints of legacy log management with a no-compromise approach.

A Technical Review by ESG

Devo is built on a No-Compromise architecture, offering several key benefits over Splunk:

  • A unified, always hot data set. This means it’s possible to query any source type, over any period, with max performance.
  • Native multi-tenancy. One Devo deployment seamlessly supports thousands of tenants.
  • 10:1 compression. Store more data, always hot, for longer. Devo stores data by default for 400 days.
  • No traditional indexes. Query data in real-time without indexes, and stop using indexes to control data access and retention.
  • One instance, all use cases supported. Stop the compute sprawl. IT and security use cases don’t require additional compute capabilities.

Download the full report for an overview of the Devo Platform and comparison data on Splunk vs. Devo.

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Stop making tradeoffs with your data

The Devo Platform eliminates the tradeoffs businesses typically make when using legacy enterprise log management solutions. With a fraction of the hardware, Devo enables you to ingest and query any amount of data with zero contention.

The core building block of the Devo architecture is the Data Node. Each node (AWS EC2 i3.16xlarge) is capable of:

  • Ingesting 2TB/day and handling 10x bursts while never dropping an event
  • Servicing 4k concurrent queries, all in real-time