Devo and Palo Alto Network Fuel User Group Cyber Tour 2019 |

Devo & Palo Alto Networks Fuel Cyber Tour

Putting Data in the Analysts' Corner

How to Build the SOC with Analysts in Mind

Your SOC team is the driving force in your fight against cyber threats. To effectively secure the enterprise, enable your analysts to realize the full power and breadth of their skills with leading practices and technology.

Join Devo and Palo Alto Networks FUEL User Groups in this six-city series to hear from industry experts and practitioners on how to win in the fight against cyber threats.

Topics We'll Cover in the Series

Barriers Impacting SOC Success and How to Overcome Them

Ponemon Institute surveyed cybersecurity experts on key trends in security operations. We examine the trends and barriers impacting the SOC today, and how to address them.

Data Growth and its Impact on SecOps

To secure the business, you must capture, monitor, and analyze massive volumes of security data, but how do you manage that process at today's scale and velocity?

Evolving the SOC to Improve Practices Across the Lifecycle

Find out how you can bring together leading practice capabilities across the SOC to enable your team to capitalize on data, harness expert knowledge, and speed response times.

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