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Devo Cybersecurity Prediction 2022

There’s only one thing that’s certain in cybersecurity: The cyberthreat landscape is constantly changing, and the tools and solutions we have at our disposal to combat cybercrime must continue evolving if we are to stay ahead of — or at least keep up with — them.

Read the 7 cybersecurity trends that are likely to appear in 2022.

Prediction #1

XDR Everything

Interest in XDR solutions has spiked — Forrester even published its first Wave report on XDR providers this year. Many companies will ride the buzzword to evolve their brand without rebuilding or updating their technology to meet the needs of security practitioners. XDR will be stamped onto everything, so buyer beware.

Devo CSO on Security Trend in 2022
Prediction #2

Increases in Detection as Code and Response as Code

Detections content will no longer come solely from security vendors, there is now an opportunity for an ecosystem of advanced partners and verticalized specializations to thrive. As there continue to be more community contributions to building detections, we should expect response as code to take off during next year, as well.

Prediction #3

SaaS, Managed Services, and Professional Services all Converge into On-Demand Expertise

Teams will shift from signing up with a managed services provider for a monthly retainer and a professional services team added on top of that. Instead, security teams will seek out tools with on-demand expertise directly built into them.

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Prediction #4

Web3 will attract more users and developers

Humans don’t have a sixth sense (yet!). In the meantime, anomaly detection is the process of identifying and alerting to abnormal behavior. When it comes to large-scale time-series or event data, machine learning algorithms are great at identifying anomalies, continuously filtering and prioritizing the most relevant alerts. Help IT operators sift through a barrage of false positives without losing focus of what’s important. 

What will cybersecurity landscape look like in 2022
Prediction #5

Security stacks will be tested for their purpose

Testing the logic helps teams to breathe because they become aware of what they can improve in their process: is there missing software that’s preventing you from getting the logs you need to achieve better security visibility? Is the team staffed appropriately? How much of the attack has been discovered?

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Prediction #6

Ransomware as a Service Expands Further

In 2022, this new industry will continue to grow in a more specialized manner. RaaS providers will try to remain unnoticed by identifying market niches that enable them to avoid drawing attention to themselves. We should also expect RaaS providers to impose more and more restrictions and control over their affiliates.

Cyberthreats to watch in 2022
Prediction #7

Supply Chain Attacks Take the Spotlight

To deal with this rising threat, the industry needs to implement more security in the supply chain, and it’s become necessary to carry out controls on suppliers. Vendors should now supply potential customers with a security rating to aid in risk management.

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