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Machine learning and intelligence to act on

Data everywhere. Enrich and extend it.


Bring data science to the world of real time

Time-series problems exceed human scale - imagine learning the behavior of 100,000 routers every minute. That’s where machine learning steps in. Devo provides anomaly detection algorithms while enabling your data scientists to bring in custom models. Run machine learning at petabyte scale to gain unprecedented insights.


Build apps with disparate data sources

Eliminate silos and tie machine data insights together, regardless of source, system or location in the stack. Surface hidden insights and build end-to-end applications with ease.


Offload data management from traditional analytics tools

Your tools – service desk, BI, security analytics and more - contain years of organizational practices but weren’t designed for large-scale data. Devo delivers analytics at scale, reducing compute-intensive data management tasks while filtering new insights to users.


Built-in solutions, no training wheels

Your operations, security and business teams need answers, not one-off tooling. Devo does the heavy lifting – get a fast start with standard data feeds and dashboards built for common use cases, from forensics to threat hunting to cloud monitoring.

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