Complex environment monitoring

A monitoring solution that’s anything but complex

  • Unify data silos for standardized and efficient data analytics
  • Dramatically cut costs by reducing the number of tools and redundant licenses

Visibility into modern IT environments

Business growth is a good thing, but it tends to lead to more tools and data, creating monitoring gaps. Grab hold of your operations with total visibility and deeper insights from across your environment.

Analytics from a unified data set

Data—events, metrics, flows—is scattered everywhere: in the cloud, on-premises, and in-between. How do you fully understand it all? By putting it all in a single, massively scalable, low TCO, cloud-native solution: Devo. With all data unified you can now truly understand exactly what’s happening.

Monitoring that keeps up

Modern, complex environments are anything but static. The last thing you want is a monitoring solution that can’t cope with this reality. Devo make it seamless to onboard new data sources, spin up new users, and provide the deep analytics you deserve.