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Devo & Google Cloud IDS

Uncovering threats to drive investigation success

Achieve Greater Visibility with Integrated Security Tools

Preparing for the detection and response to cybersecurity threats requires visibility into your data, speed, and context – traits that many SOC leaders deem to be lacking in their organizations. With the growing number of security tools in the SOC, security leaders are demanding stronger, integrated tool sets to transform their SOCs and meet modern cybersecurity risks head on.



Powerful Integration Makes Streamlined Cybersecurity Analytics A Reality

SOC leaders can gain traction by combining the technology of Google Cloud IDS with the power of the Devo Platform. Google Cloud IDS, a threat detection solution that combines the scalable and secure infrastructure of Google Cloud with industry leading threat detection signatures, identifies malicious activity within environments and helps customers receive timely alerts.

Cloud IDS integrates seamlessly with the Devo Platform, enabling security analysts to continuously monitor their environment, raise alerts when suspicious activity is observed, quickly investigate and visualize their data, and quickly take mitigation action to defend and monitor their organizations.

This integration of cloud-native solutions turns the dream of a “single pane of glass” into a reality for SOC analysts; it prioritizes alerts, reduces the number of false positives, and diagnoses them so that SOC workers can address the most critical findings. 

Use Cases

Gain better visibility into potential security threats in the Google Cloud environment 

Correlate Google Cloud IDS events with data from cloud workloads, IAM, and other sources for better context and faster investigations

Detect ephemeral malware that lives in the volatile memory of your GCP workloads

The Devo Platform gives you a minimum of 400 days of always hot, searchable data for ALL your data sources to make it easier to trend, track changes, and audit your environment for compliance

Visibility into GCP flow logs for detailed forensic analysis

Combine flow data with IDS data and workload logs to correlate and analyze data at cloud scale

360-degree continuous monitoring and analysis of logs, metrics, and traces improves intrusion detection of malware, spyware, and command-and-control attacks