Centralized log management

Multiply the value of your data with a single, centralized view

  • Leverage a single data set for all operations teams—IT and security
  • Centralize data with a solution that scales for the future

Solving visibility challenges once and for all

Some try to build it. Others try to make it work with multiple solutions. Either way, the promise of a having single centralized data set can be elusive. It’s time for a new approach.

Give your teams what they want

How many log collection tools do you have? If it’s more than one, listen up. It’s understandable that teams want to own their data, ensure good query performance, and access it securely. But imagine doing all that with a single solution. Imagine the ease, cost savings, and broader secure data access that would be possible. Devo, with its no-compromise architecture, makes this a reality.


A Buyer’s Guide to Centralized Logging

Compare deployment models, architectures and pricing of log management solutions: Devo, Splunk and ELK Stack.

Built for tomorrow (and today)​

Scaling log management might seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Legacy solutions are built with antiquated indexes, bogged down ingest pipelines, data silos, complex data models, finicky parsers… The list goes on. Just because these solutions “run in the cloud” doesn’t make them flawless. Devo is cloud-native and built different, so it actually scales with your needs.