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What the Convergence of Security and Operations Means for Your Organization

December 8, 2020

These are incredibly exciting times at Devo, as we continue to help customers solve their ever-growing security and analytics challenges. Our market momentum is continuing, as Devo was recently recognized with a CISO Choice award as the best SIEM solution, earned a place on the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 500, and was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Artificial Intelligence For IT Operations, Q4 2020. These diverse recognitions reaffirm our strategy and vision in the security and data analytics and operations space.

Hold on… security and operations? Together? Yes!

As conflicting as these might initially appear, we believe that security and operations are complementary sides of the same reality: security assessments, rapid threat detection, and response are largely affected by the operational status of underlying networks and services. And the health and performance levels of today’s digital services cannot be gauged effectively if the security side is ignored. The interrelationship of security and operations defines the types of problems our customers are addressing today.

Using the Forrester Wave as a jumping-off point, I had the opportunity to chat with my colleague Duncan Adamson, Devo VP of EMEA, about the challenges our customers face managing security and operations, and how Devo can help. One of Duncan’s comments struck a chord with me: mean time to response (MTTR) as the de facto metric to measure the performance of operations teams is essentially the same whether the source of the issue is a broken network link, a database outage, or a security breach attempt. Of course, reaction times must be adapted to the relative criticality of each of these events, but Duncan was spot on. This is especially true at the highest levels of the business, where a surgical categorization of a service outage will become less and less relevant as a company proceeds on its digital transformation journey.

Each company’s journey, however, moves on a different path and has different milestones, with different issues to solve, different priorities, and different timeframes. The convergence of security and operations, as inevitable as it might appear, doesn’t need to be an immediate goal, but rather a desirable outcome. Yet today, the monitoring and management of networks, IT infrastructure, applications, or digital services at scale may still be a difficult problem to solve. This manifests itself very clearly through a number of common patterns, such as difficulty keeping pace with business needs due to long development cycles; innovation hindered by lack of interdependent technology stacks or those that are underperforming; lack of autonomy to bring new cases alive; dependency on highly specialized resources; or simply an unaffordable total cost of ownership.

How can organizations address these challenges? With Devo, services and solutions run on top of what we believe is the most advanced, high-performing, and differentiated data analytics platform available in the marketplace. It is gratifying to hear from customers and partners that they can launch new use cases, with tens of terabytes of data, in days rather than months, whether for operations or security. Check out my discussion with Duncan to learn more.

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