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Security Operations

Confessions of a Cybersecurity Consultant

April 22, 2021

This week’s edition of the Log’s Honest Truth podcast, hosted by ITSP Magazine, shares the confessions of “Ms. H” a cybersecurity consultant. Presenting is Kayla William, VP of IT governance, risk and compliance for Devo. 

The challenges of “Ms. H” involved facing the “wall of un-scalability” and attaining the observability necessary to produce effective analytics — all in the name of protection and prevention for her organization. We are protecting her identity as she speaks frankly. But her story is all too true and not unique to her or her organization.

Listen to the podcast.

Subsequent podcast episodes will feature stories of other cybersecurity pros and the challenges they faced while relying on underperforming, expensive legacy SIEM solutions.

Next up: The story of CISO “Mr. T” (no, not the “I pity the fool” actor) who learned to embrace change to drive business growth.

Check out the Log’s Honest Truth on our website to learn more about the campaign.

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