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Security Operations

The Devo Cloud-Native SIEM Is Now Even Better

September 22, 2020

Since February, when we launched Devo Security Operations, the industry’s first next-gen cloud-native SIEM, we’ve kept our foot firmly pressed on the development pedal to add features and enhancements. Security Operations enables customers to transform their security operations centers (SOC) and protect their enterprises against cyberthreats. Key capabilities of Security Operations that enable critically important SOC transformations include:

  • Intelligent Context: SOC teams benefit from insights and immediate delivery of all relevant evidence for the fastest investigations
  • Analyst-Focused Workflow: Intuitive for analysts and SOCs to use with multifaceted automation that optimizes analyst time and helps reduce MTTR
  • Seamless Integrations: Centralizes all data and leverages deep extensibility to maximize team’s effectiveness and collects all the relevant information in a single location

These capabilities, coupled with the power of the Devo Platform, which provides full visibility across the enterprise, are driving significantly improved security at some of the world’s largest organizations—ranging from the United States Air Force to an S&P 500 manufacturer, global financial institutions, and many other types of enterprises.

Devo is committed to making the industry’s best next-gen cloud-native SIEM even better. The latest Security Operations enhancements, available today, deliver valuable new features and content to further enhance analysts’ effectiveness and improve SOC operations. These enhancements include:

  • Dynamic Visual Analysis: Frees SOC teams from the burden of manually analyzing volumes of data by providing them with interactive, automatically built views.
  • Machine Learning-Powered Analytics: Devo entity models help analysts find hidden signals and understand behavioral change, while also characterizing and detecting malicious domains.
  • Analyst-Centered Investigations: Security Operations speeds analysts’ investigations by providing a practitioner-tailored workflow and integrated automation. This reduces analysts’ workload while helping them improve their performance.
  • Additional Integrations: Security Operations seamlessly integrates methods of enrichment, analysis, and investigation from the security ecosystem, reducing the number of consoles and accelerating the pace and effectiveness of analysts’ investigations.
  • Expanded Visibility and Alerting: By increasing signal detection coverage and visibility, and decreasing alert noise, analysts are able to find hidden signals more efficiently, so they can focus on the threats that matter most to their organization.

If you’ve been waiting for a true cloud-native SIEM, it’s time to discover what Devo Security Operations can do for your organization. Contact us or watch a demo, and you’ll see why leading organizations worldwide are turning to Devo for No-Compromise security operations and data analytics.

More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.