RHONDOS and Devo Partner to Secure Organizations’ Business-Critical SAP Data

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RHONDOS is proud to have established a strategic partnership with Devo, the only cloud-native logging and security analytics platform. RHONDOS is bringing PowerConnect for SAP to Devo, and together we will provide mutual customers with an all-in-one solution so they can confidently address the question of what to do with SAP data.  

After working with hundreds of Fortune 2000 enterprises that needed a solution so they could monitor their SAP environments with greater confidence, the RHONDOS team couldn’t be more excited about working with Devo to build on the value we already bring to SAP customers every day. 

How can SAP-dependent companies reach a point of greater confidence? The answer is by moving their SAP environments to Devo using PowerConnect. 

Business-critical data generated by SAP systems is highly valuable throughout an enterprise. With PowerConnect, accessing SAP data in the cloud-native Devo environment provides visibility and instills a competitive advantage and confidence thanks to 400 days of always-hot data.

Current RHONDOS customers have slashed MTTR by 70% and reduced P1 issues by as much as 30% while achieving compliance with SAP security standards. 

Exploring the Value of Devo for SAP Data
SAP is a mission-critical ERP system. It contains extremely strict retention policies designed to maintain efficient operation of production environments and a transaction schema standardized for maximum support for more than 50,000 of the largest companies around the globe.

For each organization, finding the appropriate reporting options for security and performance-related data is limited, making Devo’s ability to provide the fastest query capabilities extremely valuable for an SAP ecosystem. 

Bringing SAP data to the forefront is not only a technological challenge, it’s a priority. As security practitioners, we must champion organizational change by uniting teams and solutions. With RHONDOS and Devo working together, we can confidently say we will act as trusted advisors for organizations that benefit from our solutions.  

PowerConnect for Devo provides SAP teams the means to quickly view key insights such as SAP monitoring and security.

The result is a solution that brings an SAP-specific domain into the security operations center (SOC) where SAP-specific indicators of compromise (IOC) can be monitored.

To learn more and see a demo of SAP PowerConnect for Devo, register for our August 2nd joint webinar.

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