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Version: 4.9.0

Multi Factor Authentication

Now it is possible to enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) as an extra security mechanism on top of the current username and password validation. Using any of the mobile compatible applications you’ll be prompted to enter a temporarily generated code to enter to your Logtrust account. This can be configured in Preferences, Account Preferences.


New relays creation page

The relay creation page has been simplified and improved. Additionally the non valid options (Cloud relay and Secure sending) have been removed.

New smart table headers

Some of the tables across the app have a brand new header that allows to filter and sort at column level by just either clicking on the funnel icon or the up-down arrows. The sort mechanism is particularly handy as it allows to go to the last record without having to scroll down in a large set of data. Updates in Graph widget now it is available: a new option to compute node sizes as max(sum(incoming links), sum(outgoing links)) , new setting to specify links curvature. New map mode setting to show/hide unpositioned nodes, new setting to specify initial mode (graph or map), numbers use SI suffixes (K, G, M) by default now, limbo area is now delimited with a visible rectangle and a title.


My.App tables creation

From now on the my.app tables are created automatically, and the formatting emails are not sent unless this is requested proactively by the user.

Union and injections now available in all domains

The union operation as well as the data injection capabilities are now available in all domains.

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