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Logtrust today introduced a number of new features which will directly improve the customer experience and analytic capabilities of our Data Operations Platform. User experience has been enhanced in a number of areas, including the ability to:

  • Export widgets to dashboards directly from search.
  • Data enhancement with lookup improvements.
  • Addition of two new custom alerts.

Export Widgets to Dashboards

Logtrust now supports the ability to export widgets to dashboards directly from search. This feature enables customers to create a widget in the search area and then directly export it to a dashboard. With this new feature, Logtrust transparently does the background work of creating the associated aggregation task, enabling you to gain insights from your data faster. This feature is available for the Voronoi, Heatmap and Line Charts; look for more enhancements to this feature, across the platform, in coming months.

Data Enhancements

With this release, customers can now view and edit lookups directly from Logtrust. The lookup process allows you to add external data to an existing data table. Previously, this type of external data upload was done via a .CSV file.

Alerting Enhancements

Logtrust is introducing two new alerting features today:

  • Deviation Alert.
  • Gradient Alert.

When Logtrust is given a series of data and the deviation exceeds a defined threshold within a certain period, a deviation alert is issued. An example would be to detect the response time of a server that is significantly higher than the average of all other servers. This scenario could highlight what might be a predictable failure or a one-time anomaly.

The Logtrust Gradient Alert provides an alert when a value in a given period exceeds that same value in a previous period. Let’s use a use case to explain this one as well. A Logtrust user could be alerted when the average of a response time is 2x larger than the previous aggregation period. So, if the average in response time variance is in the 20% range, but all of a sudden jumps to 40%, a Gradient Alert would be issued.

We continue to improve the Logtrust Data Operations Platform to help our customers extract insight and value from their data. Today’s announcement improves the customer experience, enabling customers to do even more with their data.

As always, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Author: Bill Peterson

Logtrust 5.2

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