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Logtrust is proud to announce new features which broaden our data delivery, security and search capabilities within the Logtrust Data Operations Platform. This release includes:

  • HTTP Sending
  • SAML Integration
  • Global Search
  • Search and Event Flow improvements

HTTP Sending

Logtrust now supports sending data directly via http(s) by use of a token. This token is managed within the Logtrust platform from Administration>Credentials>Http tokens. With this feature, Logtrust users can define target tables using wildcards and have the ability to validate and centrally manage tokens with the platform. So, what’s a new use case that a Logtrust user might enable for their company with HTTP Sending? Mobile and IoT are good examples. With HTTP Sending users can enable log sending in any number of scenarios – for example, from an application, mobile device and any smart or IoT device. If you are interested in enabling HTTP Sending, we have included code snippets in the documentation to get you started.

SAML Integration

Logtrust is committed to supporting industry standards around security and data access. With this release, Logtrust can now implement the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard to perform delegated authentication. SAML ensures the authentication and authorization exchange of data between parties (identity and service provider, for example). Single Sign-on (SSO) is the most prevalent use case for SAML Integration. Customers that implement an identification provider (Google, Okta or OneLogin, among others), can now login to the Logtrust platform via SSO.

Global Search, Search, and Event Flow

In the never-ending hunt to find nuggets of insight within data, we have made improvements to our Global Search, Search box and Event Flow management. For Global Search, in domains where Global Search is enabled, Logtrust now keeps search criteria when you drill down into the next level of detail of the data set. For example, it is now possible to do a search on all data and execute that same search on a subset of that original search – the search data is retained for you.

Additionally, we have enabled Contextual Help within the Global Search function. With this release, within Global Search, your full search expression is shown and contextual help (a pop-up screen) is available to explain the search syntax and give you examples to complete your search.

Finally, we have added the ability to ensure real-time event flows as default. Within the platform a new account preference is enabled to set the default behavior for the “Real-Time Flow” preference switch. This feature is all about speed: enabling real-time event flows within queries ensures fastest access to the latest (real-time) data sets within the Logtrust platform.

We are thrilled to be delivering enhancements to our data delivery, security and search capabilities within the Logtrust platform. We believe these improvements bring enhanced speed, mobile and IoT access, SSO ease of use, and search features that will drive further data insight and analysis for users of the Logtrust platform.

As always, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

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