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Security Operations

The Pain of Maintaining a Legacy SIEM

March 25, 2021

Devo has kicked off a new podcast series, in partnership with ITSP Magazine, titled Log’s Honest TruthEach episode presents the tale of a different cybersecurity professional and their struggle to find a mature, scalable SIEM solution that delivers a high level of performance without crushing the organization’s budget.

In our first episode, Devo Cybersecurity Evangelist Jason Mical examines the story of an information security consultant — referred to only as “Mr. L” to protect his identity — who is looking to unburden himself from the tireless work of maintaining a legacy SIEM.

Listen to the podcast.

Subsequent episodes will feature stories of other cybersecurity pros and the challenges they faced having to rely on underperforming, expensive legacy SIEM solutions.

Next up: The story of cybersecurity consultant “Ms. H” who needed to replace her legacy SIEM with a “flexible analytics engine and enriched context.”

Check out the Log’s Honest Truth on our website to learn more about the campaign.

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