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The data visualization space is crowded. There are lots of tools, each purporting to be the tool that solves your data woes and leads you to insight via illustrations.

But while you may get good-looking graphs, you are probably not seeing the behind-the-scenes pain from IT: analytics dashboards and vertical applications take multiple meetings for gathering requirements, and they discover the direction wasn’t quite right the first time around. In other cases, different stakeholders across the organization have varying, uncommunicated needs; for example, one team will have highly complex requirements with 20 metrics displayed, versus another team with just five requirements. IT can spend a two-week agile scrum cycle in building a data visualization dashboard (a real story at a top bank) and the moment the stakeholders change their mind or new players add new requirements, the cycle starts all over again.

This process is time-consuming and inefficient. We need a faster way to arrive at analytics, as well as a simpler and speedier way for ops professionals to embrace and use real-time data to generate business insights.

Enter Devo’s newest feature, Activeboards. We’ve developed it to give the power of data to the end user, so they can quickly and efficiently analyze and visualize their data, from real-time data, in a customizable way.

Activeboards: Customizable, flexible, dynamic

Dashboard, reports – these have been around forever and yet we’re still hearing from customers that they need a better way to visualize their data and arrive at insights that create business value. Users can experience the following features when they use Activeboards:

  • Real-time insights always at hand
  • Visually uniting machine data
  • Customize with drag and drop ease
  • Explore and ask new questions whenever you want
  • Dynamic views eliminate blind spots

These features deliver a level of simplicity that dramatically changes how customers and end users interact with data, and ultimately, conduct business:

  1. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to self-service. Building or modifying any dashboard on the fly has never been easier, thanks to Activeboards’ simple widgets and drag-and-drop capabilities. And of course you are always leveraging the power of Devo’s fast query engine and scale to access real-time data. Leave lengthy build cycles in the past and arrive at answers faster.
  2. Enjoy freedom from static and inflexible vertical applications. Vertical apps are great for their stability and robustness when it comes to known business questions. But today, change is the only constant. With Activeboards, you are freed from jumping through hoops or perform cumbersome data extraction. Activeboards offer the flexibility to manipulate data and create elegant visualizations with just a few clicks.
  3. Make your monitoring team the business’ hero. Traditional analytic dashboards and vertical applications take multiple meetings just for requirement gathering, and things inevitably change due to unforeseen business needs. With Activeboards, monitoring professionals become real heroes to the business. Lengthy meetings and governance committees can be eliminated, and monitoring pros can take a request on Slack, and deliver a new interactive dashboard in a matter of minutes or hours, giving you access to data insights by EOD.

Using Activeboards

Dashboards have been part of business’ data strategies for years now, but they need to grow and evolve along with the volumes of data and demand to arrive at analytic insights.

To learn more about bringing machine data to life with rich visuals, intuitive dashboards and interactive capabilities, view the data sheet and get started with a tutorial.

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