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Security Operations

Devo Next-Gen SIEM Honored by CISO Organization

November 19, 2020

Everyone at Devo is proud of the way our cloud-native logging and security analytics platform empowers security and operations teams to maximize the value of all their data. We have recently received kudos from industry analysts and awards from several industry organizations. But for me, someone who spends most of my time working with CISOs from organizations that are current or prospective Devo customers, being lauded for our security capabilities by these security leaders is particularly meaningful.

That’s why we were so pleased this week when Security Current, an organization comprised of CISOs from industries ranging from retail and financial services to health care and professional sports, gave Devo its CISO Choice Award for SIEM Solution!

It’s always gratifying when your company’s work is recognized for the quality, innovation, and value it provides. But to me, it’s especially meaningful when the people for whom we built it—CISOs—provide the accolades. It validates that our cloud SIEM solution, Devo Security Operations, is doing exactly what we intended it to do: empower analysts to focus on the threats that matter most to their business by putting the right alerts, data, context, and intelligence at their fingertips across the entire threat lifecycle so they can work more productively and effectively.

Security Current operates CISOs Connect, an invitation-only community whose Board of Judges used its “real-world experiences” to select the award recipients. That’s the best part of winning this particular award. It demonstrates that Devo is achieving its goal of helping CISOs and their teams solve the urgent, real-world security challenges facing their organizations. And that’s exactly what we’ll keep doing for CISOs and for all of our customers.

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