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Devo Leadership Recognized—What It Means for Customers 

November 3, 2020

The Forrester Wave report for AIOps came out today, and Devo is a Leader! This is great news for Devo, but it’s really great news for our customers. Read more about it in our news release. 

AIOps is a broad category, so let’s unpack just what this recognition means. Forrester evaluated the Devo Data Analytics Platform against many competitive offerings in several key areas, including: 

  • Dependency and topology mapping 
  • Alerting and reporting 
  • Data management and analytics 
  • Digital experience monitoring 
  • Platform deployment flexibility
  • Integrations
  • Security

That’s a broad collection of technical capabilities. But when you look closer, these performance criteria are exactly what today’s data-intensive enterprise organizations need—and what Devo provides. 

Enterprise operations teams perform vitally important work. They are responsible for ensuring customers have a consistently excellent experience. That’s why they need the best technology solution in the market. Enterprise customers choose Devo not only because we excel in these categories, but because we do it while also delivering a substantially lower TCO than most, if not all, competitors. This year’s Wave placement further validates that Devo helps our customers solve critical problems, and we do it while also providing exceptional value. 

Achieving this lofty ranking in the Wave requires a focused strategy. And creating that strategy is the result of partnering with our customers to develop solutions that address the many frustrations and performance shortfalls they experienced when working with legacy products from other vendors. But we’re not a company that rests on our laurels. 

The Devo Platform and Service Operations application have gone through significant development and expansion during the past year. We undertook that work to ensure we continue to provide our customers with total visibility across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments. But we didn’t stop there. We ensured that the Devo Platform and Service Ops application also deliver exceptional automation, machine learning, and prescriptive next best steps that enable enterprises to transform their operations so they can be more proactive and less reactive to service issues. 

This well-timed report reinforces the success Devo is experiencing this year, as we continue to move “up and to the right,” the ideal trend in this type of analyst report. With the Wave, record customer and revenue growth, and a new CEO, Devo is firing on all cylinders. We are continuously expanding our ability to innovate and deliver class-leading solutions for our customers’ most complex operations challenges. It takes a unified team to accomplish such ambitious goals, one that works tirelessly to build better solutions that our customers rely on every day. I want to thank everyone, from our product team to customer support, for all they do to make Devo customers successful. I especially want to thank our customers for their partnership and trust. There are many choices in the market, and we thank you for choosing Devo 

Click here to download the full Forrester Wave report. If you’d like to learn more about how Devo can take your operations to the next level, schedule a meeting with a specialist.

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