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Security Operations

Confessions of a Digital Security and Fraud Director

May 6, 2021

What’s the point of collecting a lot of data if you don’t have the tools and power to analyze it?

In this Log’s Honest Truth podcast, presented in partnership with ITSP Magazine, Devo’s VP of Customer Success, Jill Orhun, discusses the confessions of “Mr. V,” a digital security and fraud director. His face and voice are disguised, but there’s no disguising his frustrations.

Listen to the podcast.

“Mr. V” faced three primary challenges in his work:

  1. Operating in different parts of the world can make log collection, storage, access and analysis tricky.

  2. The rules and algorithms that define what’s “normal” and what isn’t are different as well.

  3. Integrations with security systems and fraud systems is critical (to perform detection and response).

To tackle these challenges as his bank was undergoing a digital transformation and cloud shift, Mr. V needed a new solution from a cloud-native company with an architecture that would enable his team to:

  • Create new tables
  • Extract additional information
  • Perform ad-hoc searches based on what the SOC team members are experiencing at any moment.

Next up, the confessions of “Mr. B,” an information security engineer.

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