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We are proud to announce a number of feature improvements across our dashboards, visualizations and query engine. These improvements include:


Logtrust customers can now create custom styles for their line widgets. Additionally, once a customer has defined a custom style for a line widget they can store the style and use it across any line widgets within their domain. A customer might use this new feature when identifying a new exception parameter. Then, you could apply this new style across historical data in the domain. Finally, we have improved the table widget in dashboards to provide filtering and ordering.


We have enabled the ability to perform OR selections directly from the column headers. Previously, to build an OR logical condition customers had to build the condition as a new column operation. Now, just clicking the OR-selector in the column headings will allow you to select, for example, one city or another, a range of IP addresses or another, and more.

TimeZone Selector

With this release you can choose a time zone by the default browser, select a particular time zone, or select a time zone for one session. Customers can use this feature to look at data in time as it happened within the time zone, regardless of where the person(s) issuing the query is/are. This can be very useful, for example, in the world of IIoT where an operator could be in Cleveland but the machine they are operating is somewhere else in the world.

We continue to improve the Logtrust Data Operations Platform to help our customers extract insight and value from their data. Today’s announcement improves the customer experience, enabling customers to do even more with their data.

As always, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Author: Bill Peterson

Logtrust 5.2.5

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