Inject machine intelligence in your IT operations stack

  • Understand overall service performance and pinpoint problems
  • Machine learning increases team effectiveness by reducing noise

Not all AIOps solutions are created equal

Get your arms around complex legacy and microservices-based applications spread across on-prem and cloud environments with a single application.

Visibility everywhere

Devo enables you to visualize the interconnectedness of your entire environment and display KPIs that work for you. With Devo, you don’t stop at app or network uptime SLAs; you go further. Visualize and analyze end-user and business impacts in real time.

Scale your Ops team with ML

Still monitoring thousands of routers with static thresholds? Chasing microservices? With Devo, track and detect anomalous activity of complex service stacks. Compare, correlate, and visualize system-level trends. Quickly understand related impacts that can cascade to cause outages or service degradations.

Root cause and remediate in one step

Devo enables your Ops team excel by making it easy to home in on the root of an issue and provides suggestions for how to fix it. Plus, seamless integrations with industry-standard ticketing systems and workflow management tools let you handily meet your strict SLAs.​