52 Pictures from Samoa
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Samoa was the first stop in my 6 week business trip. It was here, where my colleague, Christian, and I had scheduled 5 days off to vacation. It was an incredible experience in a fascinating part of the world - that is a trite thing to say, but any words appear to fall short of the mark, suffice it say that for even a short trip, this island country is likely to bestow a wonderment as if one had alighted onto a curious dreamscape. I imagine short trips well outside of one's physical and cultural hemisphere are like that, and it goes without saying, I think, that this one was too short - a month would have more in line with my desires to really get a feel for life in Samoa. Nevertheless, much was seen, and it seems that time stops in parts of Samoa and one might have arrived there 500 years ago and seen the same thing...other sections of the, the city of Apia are more developed and modern. However, Samoa is not as developed as other Polynesian countries such as Fiji, or Tahiti. Samoa consists of two islands Upulo, and Savai'i. Click here to see a map of the country. Our travels didn't take us off of the island of Upulo, but perhaps next time, right? The island we didn't see, Savai'i, is reknown for it's historical sites, and ruins.

All photographs shot with a Pentax K1000 (w/ or w/o 4x zoom lens) scanned at processing time for PictureCD quality. You can view a larger size by clicking on the thumbnail and an even larger size by clicking on the enlarged thumbnail.












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