An acute knowledge of Possibility

staring into one its incessant denials,

truths binding featureless creative principals

ensnared for Stasis' employ infiltrating identity moments

coopting the common rooted singularity of each to delve the spaces betwen,

a malignant stranglehold on path and direction

lacking evidence and witness,

unsuspected save through the chance overhearing of vague conversations

misplaced by refugee memories-in-hiding.

The displaced may have made mention of That-Behind, but every manifestation attempt falls short, its epicene supernormality beyond measure.

Disbelieved pensive epiphanies find themselves aborted

at the threshold of self-realization,

questioning up to dissolution their personal validity

throwing of themselves mistrusted treasures paving some distant future accidental tenure over voiceless refuse, swept into the disguised mire of every agnostic's unrecognized fantasies, the crude misguided forwardness of a hand groping itself in search of severance and empowerment, defying Self forever having collapsed into that blind monomaniacal fool who alone directs authorities intent on capturing and taming stolen sparks slumming in profitless free energy zones. Promises gripped in jealousy fell about, waiting demanding degradation into explanation reinforcing itself, reinforcement, just that again across every time again and reinforcement again. A pulpit giving voice beyond apprehension, immune and above confrontation only through dismantling and excavating deep below the very edifice endangered. Overwhelming ungovernability hemmed in undeniable immanence menacing constriction intent, automation enforcing a calculated Providence's myopic rote.