DFDGO is an Austin, TX based quartet, but it only currently has two members, though we continue to use 4 tracks, though we don't always listen to them when we record.

We have been around since 1993, and played shows in Madison, Wisconsin for some time. Our original lineup was Mark Haller, Gabriel Emerson, Mat Houser, and Sybil Augustine.

Sybil left the band in order to pursue a career in something else, we believe, and we added Steve Magnuson. Our current lineup is simply Mark and Gabriel. Here's an idea of what sounds are being made by whom (I can never remember, myself):

  • Mark Haller: guitar, keyboards, samples, drum pads, vocalisations
  • Gabriel Emerson: keyboards, drum pads, other percussion, vocalisations
  • Mat Houser: Cello, tone generator, tapes, guitar, keyboards
  • Steve Magnuson: turntable, tapes, keyboards
  • Sybil Augustine: appears on no recordings; she played drums live one show.

Of course, everyone played a bit of everything, so the above is fairly meaningless. Gabriel played cello a few times, Mark did tape loops, etc.

Mat currently resides in Milwaukee, WI, and Steve is in Atlanta, GA. Talk of a full reunion has only been in French thus far.

DFDGO continues, as an art collective, musical project, and propaganda machine. We are proud to be part of Christian Rohrmeier's ART FOR MESSIAHS AND WANKERS mission.

Please don't pass judgement on this page until it is pretty good.

Monkey sandwich.