When Jonathon stopped to think about it, he died.

"Sandals with no toes."

So began the tirade, which ended with 5 ways to nowhere. I haven't any idea who put us up to it, but when we rallied together and cried "Stop it or I'll shoot", I knew it could only be DFDGO.

Once in a while, there is a piece of fruit with a perfect aura, and it just screams "iridium." These are the moments we hold as precious, and definitely broke one or two isosceles in between here and there.

"There is more to nonsense then you might think," was a common complaint in China in the late 1800's, but what they forgot was that square wave generators are not readily available in fuschia.

Take Sidney Stanislav Morkwench for instance. Heavenly bits of glowing data stream from his head like marshmallow syrup, and pool at his feet in a large back called "Stranglehold." We haven't reached the equinox, and hope that when we do everyone packed clean shorts.

I can't postulate anything that doesn't add to 5, forgive me. That is why they call me Tarzan of the Apes.

Be good to one another, and the stagnant will survive.

-Juju Z80 Dejecta 298

Dedication: the best of all of my art is dedicated to my friend Christopher Brock, whose clarity of purpose is among my purist inspirations. May he have found what he was looking for, and may subsequent beacons be as bright.